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Welcome to Green Pearl Agro Farms

Green Pearl Agro Farms gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a fully developed agriculture organic farm along with a luxurious villa. Spread over approx. half an acre, this organic farm is embellished with a 2000 sq. ft. villa equipped with ultra-modern amenities which will make your stay delightful. At Green Pearl Agro Farms a treat awaits you every time you look out of the window, where your mornings would be blessed with the chilly mountain mist, the sweet chirping of the birds and the winds rustling softly through the leaves. Enjoy a stroll on a carpet of soft grass covered with innocent dews which will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. So why wait, claim a piece of your personal heaven for they are just meant for only 32 lucky individuals.


We at Green Pearl Agro Farms believe that health is the best investment. We give you a perfect mix which will make you Healthy and Wealthy. Here we give you an opportunity to Discover life, Discover healthy living and discover payback which will delight you.

Gallery Img1
Proposed layout plan for 32 organic farm houses
Gallery Img1
Proposed layout plan for single plot & bungalow
Gallery Img1
Proposed layout & interior plan for bungalow
Gallery Img1
Gallery Img1
Nearest Sight Seeing

Discover Life

Green Pearl Agro Farms is located at Karjat around dramatic landscapes which will inspire the brush of an artist. Well connected by various means, one can reach Green Pearl Agro Farms with ease.Green Pearl Agro Farms is located at Karjat around dramatic landscapes which will inspire the brush of an artist. Well connected by various means, one can reach Green Pearl Agro Farms with ease.


120 Minutes
from Mumbai via Mumbai-Pune Expressway


120 minutes
from Dadar Railway Station


25 minutes
from upcoming Navi Mumbai Airport

This precious location has every element that will help you connect with your soul. Its soothing weather will make you fall in love with yourself once more. Its serene atmosphere, rich soil and pure air help life blossom and flourish.

Vast Land

700000 Sq. Ft.


N 18.91670 E 73.330

Peak Height

180 Ft. above Sea Level

Average rainfall

3800 mm Annually

Best time to visit

Throughout the Year


Min. 120C - Max. 360C

Pollution free zone

Discover Healthy Living

Organic farming

Simplest way to describe Organic Farming is to say farming activity done using naturally occurring material. Man-made chemicals are not used in this type of farming. Techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control is used in it. Organic Farming is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.

Choose organic!

Better Nutrition: As compared to other conventional produced food, organic food is much richer in its quality. Organic farming enhances the nutrients of the soil which is passed on to the plants.

Free of poison: Organic farming does not make use of poisonous chemicals, pesticides and weedicides. And hence, it reduces the risk of health hazards caused due to them.

Enhanced Taste: Organic food often tastes better than other food. The sugar content in organically grown fruits and vegetables provides them with extra taste.


To promote Pluck and Consume 100% organic fruits and vegetables, and to reduce the carbon footprint linked with food consumption.


We would be installing a system to set up fruits and vegetable gardens popularly known as Kitchen Garden. Create a chain of farms where Sustainable Organic Practices, Homa Farming, Permaculture and other non-conventional wisdoms are implemented for better returns.


We do end to end planning, setting and management of Gardens, Back-yard Gardens, Vegetables Farms, Agro-forestry Farm and Fruit Growing farms along with latest 24/7 surveillance.

You choose, we grow

Choose any fruit and vegetable from a wide list of options and we shall produce it for you.

Payback Delight


Green Pearl Organic Farms has appointed a dedicated team of Agronomist for developing and managing its project at Wave.

They would be committed to farming operations for 3 years FOR FREE, and would make farming activity systems settle for many more years to come.


Crops grown in the farm would surpass the needs of a family with 8-10 people. The surplus crop would be then purchased by our Agronomist team.

Door Step Service

Wherever you are, you can taste the essence of your organic farm. Our team will get you your farm output to your doorstep so that your organic farm is never away from you.

Project By Green Pearl Developers | Concept, Design & Landscape Dev .V. Deokar | Architectural Planning & Designing Raj .V. Chembrath | Civil Consultant Kishor .D. Salunke | Interior Design & Styling Akash .D. Deokar | Agronomist Anuj Bulsara & My Tree Co. | Legal & Accounts Consultants Ca. Manjunath Gowda, Adv. Shivaji P. Yadav
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